Founded by a passionate collective of doctors, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, Hills emerged with a singular vision: to promote positive differences and create new life opportunities for the underprivileged in the areas of health, education, livelihood, and poverty alleviation.

Since our inception in 1992, with our 12A registration and 80(G) accreditation from the Income Tax Act, we've forged impactful partnerships, both public and private, mobilized vast resources, and garnered the unwavering support of numerous volunteers nationwide.

Based in the vibrant hubs of Tamil Nadu and Bengaluru, the dedicated Hills team operates in close collaboration with the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu Governments, while also offering support to various affiliated private institutions.   We go beyond this by implementing a diverse range of development projects and providing capacity-building training for NGOs and individuals in need. Additionally, we offer family and education counseling to address critical areas of development.

  At Hills, our passionate collective of doctors, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, headquartered in Tamil Nadu and Bengaluru, collaborates with the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu Governments and private institutions to drive positive change for the underprivileged. We achieve this through diverse development projects, NGO capacity-building training, Migrant Welfare support during crises, improved healthcare access through free medical clinics, comprehensive animal welfare, and empowering women in slum areas by providing vocational training. Hills is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and compassionate society, offering brighter futures to those in need.