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"HILLS is a nonprofit organization established in 1992 to empower underprivileged communities in various districts of India."


“Interested in Volunteering? Join Us, Regardless of Your Background!”



“Hills thrives thanks to the unwavering support of compassionate individuals, dedicated doctors, committed entrepreneurs, and generous philanthropists. Your support can help us continue our mission of making a positive impact on the lives of the underprivileged. Join this collective effort, be a part of our cause, and donate to Hills today to create a brighter future for those in need.”


“Hills transformed a struggling urban slum into a thriving community, providing education, healthcare, and livelihood opportunities for its residents.”


Join the Hills NGO Team and Be a Part of the Impact.If you’re interested in making a difference, we invite you to join us at Hills NGO, where our existing volunteers have already made a profound impact on the community. Your expertise and enthusiasm can further enhance our mission. Come be a part of the change and contribute to the brighter future we’re building for those in need.


Partnerships are the cornerstone of our collective impact at Hills NGO, as we collaborate with organizations, businesses, and institutions to amplify our efforts and reach even more communities in need.


Donate to Hills NGO and be a catalyst for change; your contribution ensures that we continue to provide essential services, education, healthcare, and empowerment opportunities to those who depend on our support.


“I was going through a really tough time and had to drop out of school. I am HIV positive and people treated me differently and no amount of awareness was helping me. I did not have the financial means, and HILLS helped me in desperate times. I could continue her 10th standard education because of HILLS. I will forever be grateful to HILLS”.
Master Karuppusamy, Arasur.
"During a challenging phase in my life, I found myself in a difficult situation and had to leave my studies. As someone living with HIV, I experienced social stigma, and no amount of awareness seemed to change perceptions. I also faced financial hardships. Thankfully, HILLS stepped in during my time of need. Their support enabled me to pursue vocational training and gain valuable skills. I'm forever grateful to HILLS for giving me the opportunity to rebuild my life."
"As a young girl facing a challenging phase in my life, I had to make the difficult decision to leave school. Living with HIV, I experienced discrimination, and despite efforts to raise awareness, the stigma persisted. Financially, I was struggling, but HILLS was there when I needed help the most. Thanks to their support, I was able to get back on track and continue my education. HILLS made it possible for me to complete my 12th-grade studies, and I will always be thankful for their assistance."